Thursday, April 01, 2021


    April showers bring May flowers


...and pollen and bugs! Spring always provides us with many opportunities to observe nature at her finest. As the weather becomes warmer, we hope to spend more time outside to find what Spring will bring. When we are not smelling the flowers, we will be learning all about dinosaurs. Rumor has it that dinosaurs roamed our playground millions of years ago. We will conclude the unit with a dig for fossils. Let's hope that our paleontologists find something exciting!

Learning concepts:
letters- W,X,Y,Z; seasons and months; numbers 11,12; extinction, fossils, 
plants and insects

Important Dates:
* April 2-6 -  Easter Break. Classes resume April 7.
*Show and Tell - 4/9 Letter W; 4/16 Letter X; 4/23 Letter Y;                   4/30 Letter Z. 

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Friday, February 26, 2021


Month of march Saint Patrick's Luck

 March, March,
     Fly a kite! As March roars in like a lion, we will look for signs of Spring and perhaps little green leprechauns. There is a history of leprechaun mischief at WCDS and we will prepare traps to "catch" a leprechaun should one appear. We will also celebrate Dr. Seuss all month with fun books and activities.  

Learning Concepts:  Letters- T,U,V; Numbers 9,10; Color-purple; Shapes- diamond and oval; rainbows, eggs, and the water cycle. 

Important Dates   
*March 1-5 Winter Break,  Classes resume March 8.
*Show and Tell:  3/12-Letter T, 3/19-Letter U, 3/26-Letter V.
*March 14- Daylight Savings Time begins-spring forward one hour!
*March 17 - St. Patrick's Day.  Wear green! Party parents are: Allison Herring and Sarah Benavides
*April 1 - Easter party parents are:  Kristy Jackson and Mallory Kendall
*April 2-6 -Spring Break-no school-classes resume April 7.


Friday, January 29, 2021

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  February may be a short month, but it won't be short on fun and activities in the 4k class. This month's theme, Have a Heart,  will focus on ways to keep our heart healthy. We will talk about caring and sharing, Ground Hog's Day, Valentine's Day,, and dental health. We will also introduce and review the following: 

 *Letters – P,Q,R,S  *Numbers-7,8 *Color- Pink *Shape – Heart

Our Valentine party will on Friday, Feb. 12th, given by Toby's family. We will also exchange Valentine cards that day. Please help your child prepare cards for his/her classmates(candy optional). Parents, please remember that writing can be very frustrating at this age, so help out as much as needed.  Writing/tracing a few cards each day might make this activity a little more pleasant.  This is to be a fun activity J… no tears L.

*Show and Tell- 2/5-Letter P; 2/12-Letter Q; 2/19-Letter R; 2/26-Letter S
*Feb. 12-  Bring cards for your Valentines! 
         *Winter Break- March 1-5.   Classes resume March 8.            


Wednesday, January 06, 2021

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Welcome Back!
2021 is here!
Hopefully, those New Year's resolutions are continuing to bring much happiness and positive energy to your life.  There was definitely positive energy today when the children returned to school. We were all excited to see each other and get back to our school home.
Our thematic unit this month, Winter Wonderland, will focus on the winter season, polar bears, penguins, and how nature adapts to a cold environment. The children would like to see some snow, so be prepared to see the crazy snow dance at bedtime. It is their homework each night 😀. This month, we will talk about letters N and O, as well as, review and assess some of the first semester’s concepts. This is a great way to reacclimate to school and boost confidence with the concepts the children are already familiar.

Show and Tell Schedule - Show and Tell will change up this month. Bring in: 1/8- a gift/toy received during the holidays(no toy weapons); 1/15-something that is cold; 1/22-Letter N; 1/29-Letter O
*Please be sure your child brings a coat daily and has extra cold weather clothes at school. 
*January 18 –MLK Holiday- No School.

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

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'Twas the weeks before Christmas...oh my! We will jump from turkeys to tinsel as we get ready for the big holiday season.  The children will make wish lists in hopes that SOMEONE will take notice!
This month's theme, Happy Holidays, will focus on the gift of giving - sometimes a hard concept for 4 and 5 year old children.  We will be as busy as Santa’s elves making holiday crafts and learning the following concepts: 

Letters –  K,L,M        Number - 6       Shape – Star      Color - Green     Button, Zip, Snap                    Syllables                    Seasons                    Holiday words            Cutting, Wrapping, Taping                                    Counting objects 1-10                        Character trait- Patience      

*Show and Tell –12/4-Letter K; 12/11-Letter L; 12/18-Letter M  
*Holiday class party- 12/21 - Party parent  - The Rivas Family 
 *Last day before Christmas break - 1/2 day -  Early Years dismisses at 11:45.                                        
  *Lower and Upper School dismiss at 12:00.                                                                                                
 *December 23-January 5 – Holiday Break.                                                                                            
  *Classes resume January 6
~Best wishes for a wonderful holiday~

Sunday, November 01, 2020


Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Turkey Time!  How can it already be November?  This month we will focus on Being Thankful.  We will learn about the pilgrims, Native Americans, and how they came together for the first Thanksgiving.  We will also introduce/review the following concepts: 
*Letters – H,I,J with beginning sounds   *Numbers - 4 and 5    *Shape-Square   *Color-Yellow  *Number recognition, sequence, simple addition of 0-5 *Following directions  *Science-5 senses  *Social Studies  - Native Americans

We will have a yummy Thanksgiving party on Tuesday, November 24 provided by the Hinnant Family.  Thank you!
Show and Tell:  11/6- Letter H; 11/13-Letter I; 11/20-Letter J
November 1 - Daylight Saving Time Ends-set clocks back 1 hour-"fall back"
November 11- Teacher Work Day- No School for students
November 24 - Thanksgiving Feast - no lunch needed that day.  
November 25-27 -- Thanksgiving Holiday
November 30 – Classes resume

Thursday, October 01, 2020

It is October and to most children, that means HALLOWEEN!  The children are already talking about their costumes. On Thursday, October 30th, the children may wear their costumes to school. This is always a high energy day (ha!) and the children love showing off their costumes to each other.                                         
Our theme this month is, “Bones, Bats, and Beyond.”  This is a fun month full of spooky activities and projects.  We will also introduce and review the following concepts:
Letters - D,E,F,G  Numbers – 2,3 Color- Orange    Shape - Triangle    Patterns  
Opposites    Pumpkins      Positional words      Left to right progression  Fire safety     

10/9- Letter D  10/16-Letter E  10/23- Letter F; 10-30 Letter G  
October 1,2 ~Fall Break. Classes resume Tuesday, October 5.
October 8 - a visit from the fire department    
October 30 ~ Wear a costume to school!  Please send a change of clothes if the costume will be difficult to go on the playground/take a nap in. We will also have a Halloween party hosted by Allie Barfield.   It is going to be a FUN day!